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Proto-Corinthian Pyxis

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: Proto-Corinthian
: 700-650 B.C.
: Ceramic
: Height: 18.30 cm (7.2 in) Diameter: 21 cm (8.27 in)
: $24,000

Ex – European private collection, 1999.


The ovoid vessel with two arching handles, on a flat offset foot, painted in black and red ornament, including a wide band on the shoulder with zones of thin vertical lines alternating with open squares bisected by a diagonal band of chevrons, thin horizontal bands above and below, the lower body with three thick black bands with thin bands in between, the rim with a partial pre-firing collapse on the sides creating a concave oval shape; the lid an inverted bowl with knob finial, also with red and black bands, one band with evenly spaced triple Z-motifs.

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