Amlash Silver Goblet with Hunting Scene

Near Eastern · Early 1st Millennium B.C.




H: 8.1cm

Dia: 8.8cm





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This goblet has been entirely hammered in a single sheet of silver whose thinness is incredible. The decoration is pushed back from the inside in very slight relief, the outline of the figures being underlined with incised lines. The bottom is circular and slightly concave (with an incised rosette in its center), the wall, which slopes inwards, ends in a small lip.

A hunting scene occupies the entire field of the image: a hunter is shooting an arrow in the direction of an ibex leaning on a rock, while a second ibex, already shot in the neck, is attacked by a dog. From a stylistic point of view, note the contrast between the realism of the composition (the scene is complete and well organized) and the freedom of the rendering of the figures, in particular the proportions of the body of the archer and the coat of the animals.


The vase is whole and in very good condition, despite small restorations carried out on the lip.


Art market, prior to 1997;

Private collection, acquired on the British art market in 1997.

Notarized in Switzerland before the LTBC (Loi sur le Transfert des Biens Culturels)


Phoenix Ancient Art 2005/ no. 1, Geneva-New York, 2005, p. 69, no. 51


Salon du Collectionneur, Paris, September 2005;

PAD London, Berkeley Square, UK, October 2019