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Babylonian Stone Weight

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: Ne-Mesopotamian
: Circa 1400-1200 B.C.
: Chlorite?
: Height: 44.4 cm
: CHF 69000, USD 69000

Ex-E. Boustros collection, acquired in the 1970s


Reference 12777

This impressive weight, of an unusually large size, is carved from a monolithic block of pointed form; the surface is smooth and partially stained with bitumen. The top is pierced by a horizontal hole that may have served to transport and/or to suspend it. A small inscription, in four columns of cuneiform script, is engraved on the upper part of the weight: “one talent weight, calibrated, of the god Enlil, king of all countries”. Some other Babylonian weights of this size are known, but they are carved in the shape of ducks; the Babylonian talent officially weighed 30.520 kg.


On the ancient ponderal syrods:

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