Egyptian Serpentine Figure of a Falcon

Predynastic - Early Dynastic Period; ca. 3150 – 3050 B.C.

Roman Gilded Bronze Balsamarium of Antinous

2nd Century A.D.

Sumerian Alabaster Female Worshipper

2600-2400 B.C.

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More than 700 expertly curated works of art spanning millennia.

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Phoenix Ancient Art, an exclusive antiquities gallery... [is] among the world's most powerful dealers...
Art Experts say the Aboutaams are lightning rods for the industry…widely considered the most prominent dealers in the business...
The world’s major museums are frequent purchasers from Phoenix Ancient Art...
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The world’s leading dealer in rare and exquisite antiquities.

Each object that Phoenix Ancient Art presents is personally selected by us for its intrinsic beauty, aesthetic value, and historical importance.

Every work of art carries with it a history from its creator through its present owner. Provenance is the record of ownership for a work of art. Conducting quality provenance research is an art in and of itself.
Phoenix Ancient Art stands firmly by its objects and we offer our clients a full money back guarantee with regards to the object’s authenticity and title.
We have donated over $500,000 to the preservation, protection and publication of archaeological sites, think tanks and legal efforts to preserve and promote the legitimate antiquities market.
Respectful, legitimate international exchange of antiquities fosters global understanding of differences between cultures, as well as what they have in common.
We at Phoenix Ancient Art want to do our part to help bring these communities together to promote our common goal of protecting archaeological sites from looting and protecting the exchange of wonders of the ancient world from those who would like to exploit it.
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