Hellenistic Greek Gold Aphrodite Hairpin

Greek · Hellenistic, 1st century B.C.




H: 14.6 cm (5.7 in)





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This long and elegant gold hairpin is adorned with a charming figurative scene: positioned at the top of a Corinthian capital featuring an abundance of acanthus leaves, a small Eros offers the necessary support to the goddess Aphrodite who rests above him, her foot balanced over a dolphin. Eros holds a mirror in his hands as the nude goddess appears to adorn herself, adjusting one of her anklets to complement the snake-shaped arm bracelets she already wears. With further fine incisions decorating the entire length of the pin, this luxury object can be clearly linked to its use as stylish ornamentation.


Art market, prior to 1999;

Christie’s Jewelry Auction, New York, 8 December 1999, lot 42;

The Gilbert Collection, Cambridge, Massachusetts, acquired in Geneva, 21 October 2000.


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