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Roman Polychrome Jewelry Set in Gold, Pearls and Precious Stones

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: Roman, Ro-Imperial
: Art romain, 1st-2nd Century A.D.
: Gold, pearls, precious stones.
: Length: Necklace 66.0cm, Height: Earrings 3.7cm
: CHF 62000

German Art Market, acquired in 2001.


In excellent condition. Many of the stones and pearls are intact.


Reference 13552

This lot, which consists of two necklaces and a pair of earrings, is stylistically and technically very homogenous: one of the necklaces is made of a quadruple chain that supports 22 pendants ornamented with small beads in green and white glass paste, while the other is composed of small gold rings inserted one into the other that separate some cylindrical green beads.

The earrings are circular and of a similarly simple type: their surface is rounded and divided by a multitude of semi-spherical bulges, between which white pearls are fixed by fine gold wires. A ring set with green glass paste is soldered onto the top of each earring.


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