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Roman Silver Bowl with Richly Ornamented Handles

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: Roman
: 1st century B.C. - 1st century A.D.
: Silver
: H: 5 cm (2 in) W: 27.5 cm (10.8 in)

Ex-Dutch private collection, ca. 1950s


This bowl is intact and in an exceptional state of conservation with a pristine surface, partially due to the
thickness and quality of the silver used.


This beautifully crafted silver bowl is a tribute to Roman republican craftsmanship in the sensitivity and
precision of the ornaments’ details. The shallow bowl was lathe-turned on a disk-foot, while the underside is centered by a dotted ring; the rim slightly splayed and finished with a beaded edge and a band of
kymation decoration. The bowl has two separately cast and slightly up-turned crescent handles with some
openwork. It is further decorated by acanthus-scroll and foliate ornament in relief, and a duck head at each
end. The underside is crafted with wishbone supports, each with a leaf-shaped terminal.


Phoenix Ancient Art Crystal 8

Phoenix Ancient Art Catolog no.1 2006



Crystal 8 Display 2018

Palm Beach 2006


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