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A terracotta statuette of a Kore

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: Greek-Archaic
: Late 6th century B.C. (East Greek ?)
: Terracotta
: Height: 22 cm

Ex-private collection, K.J. Hewitt, UK.


This figurine is singular in that only the front part is modeled while the back surface is nearly flat. In all probability, this was an ex-voto offered in a sanctuary. The piece, broken at the top of the waist, is reassembled from two large fragments: certain details are restored. Abundant traces of purple paint are visible on the hair and on the base of the statuette.

For its typology, this piece constitutes an excellent example of images of korai, known as the subjects of large marble statues but also of statuettes and plastic vases in terracotta. Represented standing in a frontal position, the young woman wears an Ionian chiton, which she raises and holds up by a corner in her right hand, and a himation arranged in large folds that zigzag down her right side. The object that she holds in her right hand is probably a flower, indicating a connection with the sphere of Aphrodite.


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