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Mesopotamian Statuette of a Leopard

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: Near-Eastern
: Proto-sumerian, ca. 3000 B.C.
: Rock Crystal
: H: 1.81 cm L: 5.3 cm

Ex-Elie Boustros, 1948-1982, Beirut, Lebanon.



reference 16971

This exquisite little statuette is carved in the shape of a reclining leopard with a spotted hide. The superb rendering of the animal’s anatomical details, the hind thighs, the paws, the muzzle, eyes and ears, and the holes, which are lightly and very precisely drilled, and may have been inlaid with semi-precious stones, creating a decadent polychrome effect, which would have added to the already luxurious nature of this piece. This statuette is a masterpiece of the ancient gem-carver’s craft, and is the only Proto-Sumerian rock crystal depiction of a leopard known.


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