The Salon Art + Design 2018

November 8 - 12 2018

Park Avenue Armory, NY

Park Avenue Armory

643 Park Avenue

between 66/67 streets

New York, NY

November 8 – 12, 2018
Preview Evening

Thursday, November 8

First Look Preview to Benefit Dia Art Foundation

4pm – 5pm

Tickets $250

Collector’s Preview

5pm – 7pm

By Invitation Only


7pm – 9pm

Tickets $150

Open Hours

Friday, November 9

11am – 8pm

Saturday, November 10

11am – 7pm

Sunday, November 11

11am – 7pm

Monday, November 12

11am – 5pm



Every November The Salon Art + Design welcomes the world’s finest international galleries exhibiting historical, modern and contemporary furniture, groundbreaking design and late 19th through 21st century art. Visitors will find classic designs by the great international 20th century masters, as well as creative works by today’s most innovative young artists. From classic and abstract antiquities to Art Nouveau, Deco, Mid Century Modern and the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s culminating in the latest work of emerging masters, The Salon showcases global material for every taste.

The Salon’s success is predicated on the quality of its galleries and the material they exhibit. Few fairs today include the range of both fine and decorative arts found at The Salon. Acknowledging the intent of collectors and interior designers to create environments rather than simply amass objects, the Salon exhibitors are chosen for their precise and creative way of presenting material that both predicts and reflects trends in the international culture of living. Ultimately, The Salon is curated on the premise that collectors and designers insist on a vibrant, uncommon array of styles, materials, and periods as long as the quality is impeccable.

Phoenix Ancient Art, one of the world’s leading dealers in well-provenanced antiquities, has proven that the treasures of our past are compatible with modern masters, with their innovative display at the Salon Art and Design fair at the Park Avenue Armory. Phoenix display pairs seven iconic works of modern art side-by-side with classical antiquities.

The unique pairings include works by Robert Rauschenberg with a Roman marble statue of a goddess, Marc Chagall and Serge Poliakoff with a geometric Greek stylized bronze horse, Max Ernst and Marino Marini with a Greek black glazed vase, and Fernand Leger’s “La Fleur” with European Bronze Age fibulae.

Phoenix Co-Founder Hicham Aboutaam stated, “The juxtapositions of antiquities and modern art are not meant to suggest that contemporary artists literally drew upon antiquities in their composition, but rather to show that great art goes very well with great art across the ages” – referring to a particular Andy Warhol “Campbell’s Soup Box” dated 1985 which was the very first special order by the Campbell’s Soup Company to Andy Warhol to commemorate its transition from Soup Can to Soup Box. This large 3D executed painting (of a series to follow) of the Chicken Soup Box, coming from the previous prestigious collection of the Campbell Soup Company, can be seen on the wall next to another masterwork of a Roman bust. Mr. Aboutaam noted that this is a perfect prelude for the upcoming Warhol retrospective organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art on Nov. 12 to celebrate his 90th birthday.