Hicham Aboutaam runs the New York City gallery (Electrum)

Hicham Aboutaam is the co-founder of Phoenix Ancient Art and the owner of Electrum, the exclusive agent in New York. He attended the University of Michigan where he earned a degree in art history before joining Ali and Sleiman in the family business. As Hicham recalls when he was a kid, “My mother would tell my father, it’s time to go to sleep, would you please remove that head from our bed?” Hicham grew up surrounded by antiquities and built a strong passion for gems and seals at a very young age. Sleiman would talk openly about the various objects he handled and would take Hicham and Ali on business trips. Every trip was a learning experience about the world of antiquities and to this day Hicham tries to share his vast knowledge of ancient art on every occasion. In addition to working with renowned museums and established collectors, Hicham enjoys educating and advising aspiring collectors.