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Black-figure kyathos with Dionysos and satyr

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: Greek
: Attributed to the Group of Vatican G.57, Attic, ca. 525-500 B.C.
: Terracotta
: H: 7.9 cm (3.1 in)

Ex- Captain E. G. Spencer-Churchill, M. C. (1876 – 1964) collection, Northwick Park, Gloucestershire, England;

Christie’s London, 22 June 1965, lot 319, pl. 19;

Christie’s London, 28 April 1993, lot 6;

The Gilbert collection, Cambridge, Massachusetts, acquired in New York, 31 May 1995.


The thinly potted kyathos, a cup-shaped ladle with one long looped handle, is decorated with a figural group of Dionysos and a satyr. The god of wine reclines on a sofa beneath a branched vine which dangles large bunches of grapes. He offers a large-handled drinking cup, a kantharos, to a naked satyr with a long equine tail approaching him in a dancing gesture. Two apotropaic eyes flank the scene, with a panther behind each eye forming a heraldic design at the handle. Aside from the incision lines, additional white and purple were employed by the vase painter to mark the details: grapes, animal fur, the satyr’s tail, himation stripes and patterns, and beards.


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La Biennale, Grand Palais, Paris, 11-17 September 2019;

PAD London, Berkeley Square, London, 30 September 6 – October 2019

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