Représentations figuratives 2008


Open publication – Free publishing – More antiquities L’exposition intitulée « Représentations Figuratives » est basée sur l’idée d’un voyage à travers six millénaires de création artistique fondée sur la représentation figurative déclinée dans les médiums les plus divers, du marbre à la céramique, en passant par le bronze, l’hématite, le verre ou la mosaïque. […]

October 21 - November 11 2006

The Painter’s Eye: The Art of Greek Ceramics 2006

New York

Phoenix Ancient Art, one of the world’s leading dealers in rare, high quality antiquities from Western civilizations, today announced that its exhibition, “The Painter’s Eye: The Art of Greek Ceramics. Greek Vases from a Swiss Private Collection and Other European Private Collections,” will be unveiled at its New York City gallery on October 20, 2006, […]

December 11 2003 - February 20 2004

Les Animaux dans L’Antiquités 2003


Phoenix Ancient Art S.A would like to announce the opening of its newest exhibition, “Les Animaux dans L’Antiquite de 3000 av. J.-C. a 1000 ap. J.-C.”  From the beginning of time, animals have captured the imagination of craftsmen, and artisans in the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East.  This exhibition features some of the finest […]

December 9 2004 - January 27 2005

Idols and Cult Objects from the Mediterranean 2004

New York

“Idols” and Cult Objects of the Mediterranean from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age   An exceptional selection of marble idols from the Mediterranean Basin as well as some other remarkable objects of art from the Classical world, on display now in New York   INTRODUCTION (1-3) From the Neolithic to the Bronze Age, many […]