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operates out of two galleries located in Geneva, while its exclusive agent, Electrum, operates an additional gallery out of New York City.

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Phoenix Ancient Art is considered by many specialists in the field to be the world’s leading dealer in rare and exquisite antiquities. Founded in the mid-1960s by the late S. Aboutaam, Phoenix Ancient Art is now managed by his son, Ali.  And his other son, Hicham, manages the New York based gallery, Electrum. Growing up with their father’s business, these brothers developed a great love for, and a first-hand knowledge of, many objects of ancient art like those in their Geneva and New York galleries.

Both galleries exhibit works originating from cultures that contributed significantly to the foundation of Western Civilization. Their offerings include antiquities of the highest quality and interest coming from a broad geographic range covering the Mediterranean region and western and central Asia.

The scope of the collection includes objects from the lands that formed the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine world and cultures in Mesopotamia, the Near East, Egypt, Europe, the Balkans, Eurasia, the Steppes. The galleries display exceptional works extending over more than 7,000 years of human history, from the Neolithic Period of the 6th Millennium B.C. to the 14th century A.D.

Phoenix Ancient Art – Philosophy and Vision

As co-founders of Phoenix Ancient Art, we know from years of experience that living with beautiful works of art changes one’s life in a positive way, and collecting works of art can be a rewarding endeavor. Whatever one collects, we believe a collector should have a deep personal connection to the objects they choose.

We also believe that collecting ancient works of art provides an advantage beyond collecting in other areas – by their nature antiquities have a long history and each object has its own story to tell. The historical and intellectual dimensions found by collecting antiquities provide the collector with an intimate knowledge of the past.

We Bring Passion Into our Work

Our goal is to develop and nurture a relationship between art collector and object. We only recommend that a client acquire a work of art that they feel strongly about. Like many of the collectors we advise, we see our role as temporary guardians of a small part of the world’s important cultural and artistic heritage. Each object that Phoenix Ancient Art acquires is personally selected by us for its intrinsic beauty, aesthetic value, and historical importance. Like our clients, we, too, are collectors every time we purchase an object. We are pleased to bring that same personal interest and passion to our work at Phoenix Ancient Art.
Hicham and Ali Aboutaam

Phoenix Ancient Art’s works of art have been purchased for public display by many of the world’s pre-eminent museums. Our clients also include a vast array of private individuals who acquire unique works of art to enrich their surroundings and lives, and ultimately prove to be prudent financial investments.


Phoenix Ancient Art stands firmly by its objects and we offer our clients a full money back guarantee with regards to the object’s authenticity.

We have developed one of the antiquities trade’s most vigorous and stringent procedures of due diligence for establishing the provenance and ownership history of its objects. This ensures that works of art come from reputable channels on the open market and are in accordance with applicable legislation and the governing body of international law.

We employ researchers who match objects against lost art registries and who seek out documentation of prior ownership, including, but not limited to publications, sworn affidavits, dated photographs, invoices, customs documents, and insurance policies.

We go to great lengths to establish the authenticity of any of its proposed works of art. This extends from scholarly historical and stylistic analysis to scientific reports based on thermo-luminescence, “Carbon 14”, metallurgic, and other such testing. This is done to ensure that each artifact is authentic with regards to its description and date.

Phoenix Ancient Art offers an evaluation service for those who seek to verity the authenticity and/or the value of an ancient work of art that is within our sphere of expertise. We also purchase works of art from private collectors, public auctions, art dealers, and art brokers worldwide.

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