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Sassanian Gold Buckle / Fibula in the Shape of a Rooster

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: Persia
: 5th - 7th century A.D.
: Gold and Rubies
: Height: 6 cm, Width: 6.5 cm

Ex-French private collection.


Excellent state of preservation; though fragile, the object is intact, and complete – none of original in-lays are missing. Clean surface with no wear or scratches.


reference 16933

A magnificent buckle in hammered and chiselled gold (with the interior design done in ‘repoussé’ technique), set with 43 rubies of different shapes and sizes. The object is modelled in the shape of a promenading rooster with his head tilted up. The plumage, the tail, the wings, the head, and the legs are realistically rendered through light modelling and incised details. A hoop and a curled hook are attached to the back.


GHIRSHMAN R., Parthes et Sassanides, Paris, 1962, p. 205, n. 244 (gold cup with stone inlays); p. 222, n. 264-265 (jewellery with stone inlays).

POPE A. U., A Survey of Persian Art from Prehistoric Times to the Present, Londôn-New York, 1938, vol. IV, pl. 245-246 (ewer with a spout in form of rooster); pl. 249 (jewellery with stone inlays).

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