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Sardinian Bronze Figure of an Archer

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: European, Sardinian
: 8th century B.C.
: Bronze
: Height: 14.0 cm

Sotheby’s Antiquities Sale, London, July 10th, 1990, lot no 220. Ex-European private collection.


Very good condition, except missing left leg above the knee. Beautiful original surface with and green brownish patina.


Reference 12545

This superb Sardinian bronze figurine represents an archer, standing, pulling back his bowstring to shoot an arrow. Worked in attenuated form, standing with his head turned sharply to his left and right and pulling back his bowstring to let loose an arrow, and wearing a tunic with short sleeves, rectangular pouch on the chest, and crested and horned helmet, a large quiver of arrows on his back, the face with grooved mouth, beaked nose, and deeply grooved and notched eyebrows. This bronze figure is a beautiful example from the typology of the Sardinian bronzes and sculptures of the Iron Age.


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