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Mycenaen Ceramic Kalathos

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: Mycenian
: Mycenaen, LH IIIC, 12th century B.C.
: Greek Ceramic
: Diam.: 26.7cm
: CHF 20000

Ex-H. Vollmoeller collection, Switzerland.


Intact, in excellent condition, with much of the polychrome remaining, some pataches of earthy crust at the handle area.


reference 16944

The name (Kalathos) of this type of vessel indicates a recipient in the shape of a basket. This type of vessel became popular in the last phase of the Mycenaen era, during the 12th century B.C. . The lip of this kind of vase is sometimes enhanced by having a spout, miniature statuettes or vases, which would attest to these vessels being used in a ritual or funerary function.

This particular vase features a sinuous profile, a long spout located in between two semi-circular side handles. It is decorated with horizontal lines of varying width, painted in red and brown, and of series of loops semi-circles, traced hastily on the upper part of the outside rim. On the lip itself, a continuous series of small triangular motifs, rendered in a stylized way, reminds us of a shale motif already known to ornate mycenaen ceramics.




Exhibition catalogue: “The Mycenean World, NAtional Archaeological Museum”, Athens, 1988, pp. 164-165, nos. 124 and p. 201, no. 177 for similar.

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