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Hellenistic Silver Oinochoe

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: Greek, Greek-Hellenistic
: Circa 2nd - 1st century B.C.
: Silver
: Height: 22.8 cm

Ex-Swiss private collection, H. Vollmoeller, 1982.


The oinochoe is in superb condition, with some minor body repairs, and beautiful surface.


reference 16952

This beautiful Hellenistic silver Oinochoe is beaked, with an elegantly glaring neck and sharply carinated shoulder. This pitcher was hammered from two very thin sheets of silver, which were soldered together at the top edge of the ridge that runs around the middle. The trefoil lip of the vessel is ornate with a beaded half-leaf motif, and the projecting handle decorated at the lower half with a twisted v-shaped rope pattern. The top part, in the shape of an upside down funnel, ends in a long thin spout ornamented by a frieze of languettes and a finely incised braided motif; the lower part of the body is cylindrical and sits on alsightly recessed base.

In the Classical Greek world, the oinochoe was the preferred pitcher shape: at banquets (symposia) they were plunged directly into kraters to fill them with the wine that the cupbearers or the hetairai then served to the guests.




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