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Hellenistic Pair of Gold Earrings

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: Greek-Hellenistic
: 3rd century B.C.
: Gold
: Length: 3.8 cm

Marc Rosenberg, Karlsruhe, late 19th century.


reference 12683

The earrings are composed gold sheet decorated on the front with an elaborate rosette of long and short sheet petals with beaded wire fringes springing from beneath a circular sheet with a single granule at the center. A thick beaded wire on the outer edge with granulated clusters disbursed between the tips of the long petals, with a hooked earwire in the back. The central disks are each supporting a pendant in the shape of an eagle clasping a thunderbolt, one of them with the head turned right and the other turned left.  The birds bodies are covered with fine granulation and a filigree circle for the eyes, whilst the outstretched wings are outlined with filegree and granulation. The wings are each ornate with circular gold sheets with a single central granule. A similar blossom between the legs, the thunderbolts carry a central bead from which springs spikes of gold sheets.  The eagle is flanked by double tassels of beads interspersed with granulated double disks, with granulates grapes at the tips.



M. ROSENBERG, Geschichte der Goldschmiedekunst , Auf technischer Grundlage, Abteilung : Granulation; Frankfurt, 1918, fig 26.


MARSHALL F.H., Catalogue of the Jewellery, Greek, Etruscan and Roman, in the Departments of Antiquities, British Museum, London, 1911, n. 1677-1682.

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