Greek Red-Figure Volute Krater Attributed to the Baltimore Painter

Greek · 330-320 B.C.




H: 73.7 cm (29 in)





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The obverse with a native Italic warrior and his horse within an Ionic naiskos, the podium with scrolling, the warrior wearing a belted red tunic and a pilos helmet, holding a spear in his left hand and the reins in his right, to the right of the naiskosa seated female holding an oinochoe and a wreath, and a standing female with a mirror and a situla, and to the left a seated female with a fan and a situla, and a standing female with a cista and wreaths; the reverse with four offering bearers around a stele tied with a black fillet, to the right a seated female with a cista, a fillet and a ball of wool, and a standing female with a phiale, two fillets and a grape cluster, to the left a seated female with a cista and a fillet, and a standing female with a situla and a mirror; a band of meander with dotted squares encircling below, the shoulders with a band of tongues above a thin band of dotted ovolo, the neck of the obverse with a female head wearing a sakkos emerging from a blossom amidst elaborate scrolling, a band of key and a thin band of bead-and-reel above, the neck of the reverse with elaborate palmettes, a band of laurel centered by a rosette above, wave on the underside of the rim, dotted ovolo on the rim, palmette complexes below the handles, molded duck heads on the shoulders framing the handles; the volutes with molded female heads, white on the obverse, reserved on the reverse; details in added white, yellow and red.


Art market, prior to 1979;

New York gallery, 1979;

Ex Old World Galleries, New York;

Ex John W. Kluge, Charlottesville, Virginia;

Ex Morven collection; Christie’s, New York, 8 June 2004, lot 334;

Ex collection of Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Newhall, III, acquired from a New York gallery.


A.D. Trendall and A. Cambitoglou, The Red-Figured Vases of Apulia, Oxford, 1982, no. 27/2a.