Egyptian Wood Canopic Jar Box

Egyptian · Heracleopolis, Ptolemaic Period, circa 332-30 B.C.


Painted wood


L: 33 cm

W: 26.5 cm

H: 59 cm





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The chest of usual tall shrine shape with a cavetto cornice, composed of four panels, finely-painted with blue, green and red paint, each panel tapering at the top, with dowels for assemblage, each showing a scene within a naos, for a Sa-mer priest i.e. one connected with the cult of Heryshef at Heracleopolis, called Pa-di-wesir born to Ta-di-Iyemhotep, each side with the standard funerary offering formula asked on the deceased’s behalf from Osiris who has his usual titles of ‘Foremost of the west’, ‘Lord of Busiris’, ‘Great God’, ‘Lord of Abydos’ and (possibly) ‘Chemmis’, the two wider-walls with an upper register showing the male deceased wearing a long kilt, adoring the four mummiform sons of Horus, one side-panel with jackal-headed Duamutef, human-headed Imsety, baboon-headed Hapy and falcon-headed Quebehsenef, the other panel with four human-headed sons, three registers of alternating tyets or Girdles of Isis and djed pillars, the front with a highly decorated False Door below, with two seated facing falcon-headed sphinxes above, wearing sun discs and named as ‘The Behedite (i.e. Horus of Edfu), the Great God, Lord of Heaven’, the other side with Horus the Behedite as a falcon above, wearing a sun disc with down-turned wings and two ostrich feathers, named ‘Great God Lord of Heaven’ and ‘when he comes forth from the horizon, brightly-feathered’, Osiris below shown as a personified djed pillar wearing the atef crown and carrying the crook and flail, adored by Isis and Nephthys who are named.


Ex- Thompson family collection, Cambridge, acquired in 1949.


FABULOUS MONSTERS, New York, Summer 2021, no. 66