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Egyptian Bronze Pharaoh

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: Egyptian
: Third Intermediate Period, 1069-664 B.C.
: Bronze
: H: 15 cm

Reportedly Ex- Omar Pacha Sultan collection, Cairo- Paris, acquired prior to 1929; Ex- Charles Bouché (1928-2010) collection, Paris, acquired prior to 1980.


Depicted kneeling, his legs separated, the toes splayed, his torso with broad shoulders, a narrow waist and fleshy hips and abdomen, wearing a belted, pleated kilt with a central tab and a striped nemes-headcloth fronted by a uraeus, the tail extending back across the crown of the head, a cartouche on his chest now illegible, his square face with narrow eyes beneath modeled brows, a slender nose widening at the end, and a small mouth dimpled at the corners, with prominent ears, inserted into a 19th century three-tiered, rectangular, black stone base, with carved Egyptianizing figures in relief in red, blue, green and cream enamel, including a lily complex on each side panel and a vulture resting each claw on a ring on the front panel, its wings extended, an Egyptian faience tablet inset into the base below, Late Period to Ptolemaic Period, 664-30 B.C.


TEFAF, New York, May 2017

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