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Achaemenid Agate Animal

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: Achaemenid-Empire
: 6th - 4th century B.C.
: Agate
: L: 2.7 cm


reference 8511

A small hole runs through the figurine, from the back to the belly: it may have been used to suspend the piece from a length of string, allowing it to be worn as part of a necklace or as a pendant and/or amulet. It is carved in the shape of an animalseated on its paws in an attitude that suggests that it is lying in wait for its prey. The animal represented resembles a lion from the short, wrinkled muzzle and the shape of the haunches. This is a beautiful piece that gets its appeal not only from the quality of the carving but also from the veins of the agate, which create a marvellous polychrome effect in white, beige and deep brown.

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